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How to Fix COD Warzone Dev Error 6068 on PC in 2021?

At the moment, some COD Warzone players are still experiencing Dev Error 6068. Since Warzone’s release, this error has been affecting a large number of users. If you are experiencing this issue with your computer, this guide may assist you in resolving it.


What is COD Warzone Dev Error 6068?

Dev Error 6068 is a common problem reported to us in Call of Duty Warzone. This error usually occurs when your computer is running outdated gaming drivers or when Windows is corrupted.

In other cases, users reported that they were able to resolve this issue after successfully reinstalling the game bar without making any changes to their system. This could imply that the error is caused by a one-of-a-kind random bug within the game files.

Unlike other Dev Errors for the Call of Duty franchise, this issue is unlikely to be caused by a poor internet connection or any network-related error.

What causes COD Warzone Dev Error 6068?

We’ve compiled a list of possible factors over the course of several months since some Warzone players began reporting the issue to us:

1. Outdated software.

When installing COD Warzone on machines running an older version of Windows 10, Dev errors such as 6068 can occur. When you want to play Warzone and enjoy the geforce experience, make sure your PC’s operating system is fully updated.

2. Game drivers must be updated.

Some cases of Dev Error 6068 were resolved after graphics card drivers were updated. Once you’ve updated your computer’s operating system and have a geforce experience, make sure to check for GPU drivers.

3. Unusual game bug.

Random glitches and bugs may occur in software and games on occasion. If Warzone Dev Error 6068 does not occur frequently, it is possible that it is caused by a random problem with the game itself.

To reduce the likelihood of random bugs occurring, you should keep your PC’s software environment up to date at all times. This entails always running the most recent versions of the operating system and graphic cards.

4. Game files have been corrupted.

Corrupted or damaged game files are another common cause of many game issues. If Directx encountered an unrecoverable error and this is what is causing Error 6068 on your PC, you may need to delete and reinstall the game. Make sure to download the most recent version. Check your task manager to see if the game has stopped unexpectedly.

5. Conflicts with third-party programs.

A few Warzone players have reported that their game began to behave erratically after installing a new application on their computer. Try to remember if you recently installed a new program. If you did, try deleting it from the system to see if that resolves the Warzone Dev Error 6068 or if you’ve encountered an unrecoverable error. This may also be useful if Directx encountered an unrecoverable error. Check your task manager for confirmation.

dev error 6068 cod

How to Resolve COD Warzone Dev Error 6068?

There are several tried-and-true solutions for Warzone Dev Error 6068. Check them out below to see if one of them can help you solve your problem or if you’ve encountered an unrecoverable error.

Install any updates.

As previously stated, keeping your software and games up to date may assist in resolving the issue. You should check the following for updates:


-Windows Operating System

Change the VideoMemoryScale setting.

A Warzone player told us that he was able to resolve Dev Error 6068 by changing the value of the VideoMemoryScale option. Here’s how to do it:

-Start your File Explorer.

-Go to DocumentsCall of Duty Modern Warfareplayers

-Open the adv options.ini file in Notepad.

-Find the line that says VideoMemoryScale and change the value to 0.5.

Force the game to re-update.

This solution was shared by one user on the official Activision forum. This possible solution deletes individual files from the main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. Here’s how it’s done:

-Shut down Call of Duty Warzone if it is running.

-Go to the main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. The default location is usually C:Program Files (x86), but it can be different if you have a different installation path.

-Once you’ve located the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder, open it.

–Delete all files in the folder except Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main.

-Restart the game by launching it from a client.

-If you receive an error message stating that the game is corrupt, select the update option.

Delete the Data folder.

The other modified method for forcing the game to update itself is to delete only the Data folder while leaving the rest of the folders and files intact. Here’s how:

-Shut down Call of Duty Warzone if it is running.

-Go to the main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. The default location is usually C:Program Files (x86), but it can be different if you have a different installation path.

-Once you’ve located the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder, open it.

-Remove the Data folder.

-Restart the game by launching it from the client.

-If you receive an error message stating that the game is corrupt, select the update option.

Run the game at 30 frames per second.

Lowering the Frames Per Second (FPS) of a fast action game like Warzone is hardly a solution, but if you’re desperate for a fix for Dev Error 6068, it’s worth a shot. It’s possible that your machine can’t handle the current FPS settings.

Reduce the game’s FPS by performing the following steps:

-Access the Nvidia Control Panel.

-Select Manage 3D Settings.

-Go to Program Settings.

-Select the game from the list and set vertical sync to Adaptive Half Refresh Rate.

-Be sure to confirm the changes and restart the game.

-If possible, you can also disable the Nvidia overlay or Geforce experience.


How to Check for and Install GPU Driver Updates | NVIDIA ?

warzone Call of Duty COD

How to Check for AMD GPU Driver Updates

Update your GPU’s driver.

First, see if you need to update your graphics card driver.

You can do this with the DriverFix Pro software for Windows, which quickly scans for outdated drivers and automatically updates (installs) them for users.

Play Call of Duty with administrative privileges.

First, launch the launcher software.

On the left side of the window, choose Call of Duty: MW.

To open the folder that contains the game’s folder, go to Options > Show in Explorer.

Open the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare folder.

Right-click on ModernWarfare and select Properties.

Exe and then select Properties.

On the Compatibility tab, select the Run this program as administrator option.

Select the Apply option and then press the OK button.

Then try playing the game again.

Set the game to use DirectX 11.

Open the window.

Click Options to select Game Settings, which will open the window shown below.

Then check the Additional command line arguments checkbox.

In the command line argument text box, type -d3d11.

Select the Scan and Repair option.

Launch the Call of Duty launcher app.

Click Call of Duty: MW on the left side of the window.

In the image below, click Options to open the menu.

Then select Scan and Repair.

To confirm, press the Begin scanning button.


What are Friv Games?

Friv is the name for flash games that you can play directly on your computer browser.  There is no sign ups, downloads or any specific requirements to play them (besides flash player) so it’s an easy way to jump into a game online if you are bored.

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Friv website actually has a huge collection of different games. The graphics and story lines are really basic but the colors, actions and sounds make them addicting nevertheless.

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GTA 6: What we want, what we are getting and a lot more

While the market is abuzz with the news of GTA6 release dates, fake dates, real modifications and fake hypes we are here to bring you the true verified facts from the horse’s mouth. Most of the release dates which hovered around September or October 2016 have been proven as fake. And the unassuming resignation of Leslie Benzies from North Rockstar offices has pushed the dates further back to somewhere in 2018. Although multiple pessimists do opine that the date may be further delayed due to developmental issues to 2020, we sure hope that is just a sadistic rumor.

GTA 6: Relate more to your character

GTA is all about cars, swag and speed. More than just a game it is about a lifestyle of the young which brings their unfulfilled fantasies to life. On public demand Rockstar is all set to include a main female character in the game this year. Rumors from the studio confirm that this will be a main character. This will surely draw a wider fan following to this male-dominated gameplay in 2018. The character will also be completely modifiable which was a limitation in the past Grand Theft Auto games. The new modification options will allow more gamers to relate to their characters by their sense of style, fashion and ethnicity.

Cross-console compatibility

Just like its previous versions, the choice of game will not define the choice of you gaming platform. GTA 6 can be played on Xbox, PlayStations as well as PCs with equal smoothness depending upon their generation and modifications. In addition to the seamless gameplay, GTA 6 is expected to be upgraded to virtual reality. This means the players can now become a part of the gameplay with compatible upgradations from Sony or other console brands.

It’s all about style and coolness

One of the popular demands of the gamers includes the return of the sweet 70’s. Nothing compares to the bell-bottoms and aviator clad coolness of the 70’s. Most gamers have voted San Andreas and Las Vegas as their choice of destination in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto edition. There was a rumor of the location shifting to Tokyo or London, however the impossible architecture and street layout of the former and the complexity of the latter make them impossible choices as GTA locations. Any rumor about the inclusion of entire USA maps will also have to be put aside for the time being as the inclusion of complete interactive maps with location toggle is also quite the impossibility at the moment considering the limitations of the consoles used. The location is highly likely to be Sin City as per the hush hush rumors directly from the studio.


Save the best for the last

And be ready for seeing scores of cool rides in the new game. From the 1950’s Ford Pickup, Chevy Pickup to the Chevy SS Camaros there will be tons of vintage sweet rides with custom jobs and mods to blow your mind away. GTA 6 will be here to give you a taste of the golden days of automobile evolution with tons of swagger in just 2 more years.